74℃! Kuwait now has a rare high temperature, the car is sunburned, and the earth is hotter. What can we do?

Time: 2021-07-09

Is it hot in 2021? It can be said that it is too hot, the earth is getting hotter and hotter, and many people are worried about how long they can live. Don't worry about this, and we will briefly explain it later. Extreme climate change is a trend, but as long as human beings change the earth's climate, the climate will eventually get better, which is completely in the hands of human beings. However, from the perspective of greenhouse gas emission trends, there is really little room for change.

In May 2021, the concentration of carbon dioxide reached the highest level in history again, approaching 419ppm, which did not decrease at all, but increased. At the same time, from a really short time in 2021, it is much hotter than in previous years. The western United States has experienced a rare high temperature, far exceeding the average temperature in previous years. The local temperature in the whole region of North America has almost reached 50 degrees, which is very rare. However, behind North America, there is another region with high temperature, that is Kuwait, which is even higher than that in North America.

74℃! Rare high temperature in Kuwait What happened? Before, we saw that Kuwait measured the temperature of about 72 ℃ and 73 ℃. I didn't expect another high temperature of 74 ℃. This is really too rare. This kind of high temperature makes people really difficult to live. It is also true. There are extreme high temperatures in many places in Kuwait, including the streets of Kuwait City. No one dares to walk outside at this high temperature. The outdoor thermometer shows that the temperature in the shade of the street is 54℃, and the highest temperature in the sun even reaches 77℃.

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