Alert! Demonstrations broke out in more than 10 countries such as Britain and Italy!

Time: 2021-08-12

Recently, over 10 countries, including France, Britain, Italy, Greece, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, Japan, Australia, etc., all broke out demonstrations against the COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control measures, vaccine passports and compulsory vaccination policies. According to foreign social platforms, there were at least 275 parades.


Following the first national demonstration on the 17th of this month, large-scale demonstrations broke out again in many places in France on the 24th, opposing the government's expansion of the scope of application of the "Health Pass" and forcing some professionals to be vaccinated against COVID-19. According to the data released by the French Ministry of the Interior, there were 161,000 demonstrators in France, and 11,000 in Paris alone.

Paris, France, has a huge scale of protests against the Macron government's domestic vaccine pass, and the tension in France is escalating. People say that they are fed up with the tyranny of "compulsory vaccine" implemented by the government. Vaccination cannot fully guarantee safety, and travel should not be restricted.


After the country died of COVID-19 for the third time in 2021, after the government announced more blockade measures across the country, large-scale protests took place in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

At present, more than half of Australia's 25 million people are under blockade, causing great dissatisfaction. On the 24th, people in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane held demonstrations, and angry protesters demanded that the government lift the blockade measures. This demonstration may prolong the blockade measures in many places in Australia.

United Kingdom(UK)

British protesters in London and Manchester targeted the government's "vaccine passport" plan. According to the Daily Mirror, in London, thousands of demonstrators passed through the city center and gathered outside the vaccination center, waving demonstration slogans and shouting slogans, opposing that from the end of September, English people must complete vaccination before entering nightclubs and other crowd gathering places.


According to Reuters, on the 24th, about 5,000 people gathered outside the Greek parliament building to oppose the government's compulsory vaccination. Local police said that the demonstrators threw petrol bombs, forcing the police to use force to disperse the demonstrators. This is the third time in this month that the Greek people have opposed the government's compulsory vaccination.

The Greek government had previously issued an order requiring health care workers, teachers and workers in key epidemic prevention industries to be vaccinated. Greece's anti-epidemic situation remains grim. On the 24th, the number of confirmed cases was as high as 2,500, and the cumulative number of confirmed cases was nearly 500,000.

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