Disadvantages of stone coated steel roofing

Time: 2021-06-01

As we all know, the stone coated roof is very popular in recent years. But

there are also some disadvantages for stone coated roof.

Initial investment cost

Stone-coated steel Roofing is at the high end of the roofing material cost range. However, choosing stone-coated steel over asphalt saves time because of its long service life and virtually no maintenance costs. Determine how much you can spend, and weigh the initial cost against the expected long-term savings as you make your choices.


Depending on how the steel roof is installed, it may be disturbed by rain or hail. However, during installation, special materials such as a sturdy jacketed roof deck can be placed between the roof and your house to act as a barrier to dampen sound. You can also take other steps, such as adding loft insulation, to reduce roof noise.

All things considered, the advantages of installing a stone-coated steel roof outweigh its disadvantages. A metal roof is probably the last roof you’ll buy and will guarantee durability, aesthetics, and security in your home.

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