Globle Price of PVC is Raising Again

Time: 2021-05-28

This week, the global PVC price reached a new high, among which the US price rose by US $200 to US $1600 per ton, the European PVC price rose by more than 70 euro per ton, and the Asian market price rose by US $30 to US $70 per ton. It is expected that the new quotation of Formosa Plastics in Taiwan, China, will catch up with the current market next week, and the increase is higher than expected.
It is also reported that due to the impact of insufficient restart of upstream cracking units in the United States, the supply of ethylene is insufficient, and most of the ethylene downstream derivative units have not yet been restored, so it is difficult to obtain one product in the U.S. market. As of March 3, more than half of us PVC production capacity is still waiting for the restart of upstream olefins and intermediates.
The delivery price of PVC for Indonesian manufacturers continued to rise in March, and the increase of upstream costs and regional supply tension caused a major local manufacturer to raise the spot price.

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