Heavy Snow Is Coming, Building Warmth Together

Time: 2021-09-18

The ASA material on the surface of the synthetic resin tile is made of imported ultra-high weather resistant engineering resin. It is dense and does not absorb water. There is no problem of microporous water seepage. It has super weather resistance in the natural environment and can be exposed to the harsh conditions of ultraviolet, moisture, heat and cold for a long time. The synthetic resin tile has strong compression and impact resistance, excellent load resistance and remarkable impact resistance at low temperature. Even if the roof is covered with snow all year round in low temperature areas, the synthetic resin tile will not produce surface damage and fracture, which is very suitable for snow disaster areas.

The thermal conductivity a number of synthetic resin tile is 0.325w / m.k, which is about 1 / 310 of clay tile, 1 / 5 of cement tile and 1 / 2000 of 0.5mm thick color steel tile. The material of synthetic resin tile itself has the effect of resisting low temperature and high temperature, which can make the house warm in winter and cool in summer. Without considering the addition of thermal insulation layer, the thermal insulation performance of synthetic resin tile is very ideal.

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