How different is the performance of resin tile manufactured by ABS and ASA?

Time: 2021-08-30

The use of ASA synthetic resin tile can make houses have higher safety performance, higher ornamental value, longer service life and shorter construction time. Its unique material advantages and many functional characteristics have been vigorously promoted by the state, leading the way in the market, and now it is widely used in real estate, cultural ancient buildings, new rural construction, self-built villas, scenic spots, gardens and castles, factories, large public buildings and other roofing fields.

Synthetic resin tile is booming in the roofing building materials market, and there are more and more manufacturers' brands. At the same time, it also gives many unscrupulous businesses an opportunity to take advantage of it, causing fierce vicious competition in resin tile market, and low quality leads to low price! Many inferior synthetic resin tiles have entered the market.

ASA Engineering Resin

The service life of synthetic resin tile is not only related to the bottom material, but also closely related to ASA engineering resin on the surface layer. The resin on the surface layer has the functions of preventing ultraviolet rays, fading, fire prevention, high corrosion resistance and anti-aging.

In order to save costs, many manufacturers "work hard" on surface raw materials. At present, there are two kinds of resin tile fabrics commonly used in the market, one is ASA engineering resin and the other is ABS engineering resin. The market price of ASA is much higher than that of ABS. Under the extremely similar appearance, what is the difference in performance between them? Here is a detailed analysis of the difference between the two:

Basic Performance of ABS

1. The thermal deformation temperature is low, but the heat-resistant ABS can reach 115℃ and the brittle temperature is -7℃.

2. Combustible. The combustion level of general ABS is only HB.

3. Weathering resistance is poor.

This kind of surface resin tile looks very similar to ASA resin tile. In the production process, when ABS surface material is used, problems such as fading, deformation, brittle crack will occur in a short time, and the service life is not guaranteed. Once there is fire source contact, it will not have flame retardant effect, and it will not meet the residential fire protection standard.

1. Compared with ABS, ASA introduced acrylate rubber without double bonds instead of butadiene rubber, so its weather resistance changed substantially, which was about 10 times higher than ABS. The fire protection rating is B1, which is flame retardant and meets the basic residential fire protection requirements.

2. After exposure to sunlight for 9~15 months, ASA resin tile has almost no decrease in impact strength and elongation and almost no change in color.

3. Due to the special structure and composition of ASA resin, ASA is above ABS in terms of impact resistance, weather resistance and high temperature resistance. resin tile using ASA engineering resin as surface material can keep its color and mechanical properties stable after being exposed to severe conditions such as ultraviolet rays, moisture, heat and cold for a long time, and its service life can reach more than 25 years.

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