How To Distinguish The Quality Of PVCAnticorrosive Roofing Tile

Time: 2021-04-23

In recent years, PVC anti-corrosion tile is popular in the roof market with its advantages of durable anti-corrosion and convenient installation. At the same time, many inferior anti-corrosion tiles are also pouring into the market. As a buyer, how to protect their own interests and distinguish the good from the bad of PVC anti-corrosion tiles?

According to incomplete statistics, there are thousands of large and small enterprises producing and selling in China. There are many kinds of products with brand name, unlicensed and counterfeit, such as high weather resistant PVC powder, common ABS material, CO extrusion with PVC or no co extrusion at all! Even directly add recycled materials to produce, it is impossible to prevent.

Some people say: the quality of the surface is good;

Some people say: the best quality is to clamp with forceps;

Some people say: it’s best if the car can’t be crushed;

Others say: the quality of heavy handle is good

From a scientific point of view, what is the standard of good quality PVC anti-corrosion tile? Smartroof tells you:

If there is no obvious defect in appearance, it is unscientific to judge the quality by the above criteria or by touching, looking, weighing or clamping! It’s a way to mislead buyers. It’s a way to take things out of context and change concepts! Like 20 years ago to promote the PC board with the same method, with 12 pounds hammer to hit all not broken, so durable! Durable! It belongs to the category of impact resistance and has strong resistance to external forces (this is the biggest advantage of PC. if it is produced with non weather resistant PC, it will not be broken, but it will crack and turn yellow after 1-2 years of outdoor use); But durable is can resist the sunlight in the ultraviolet light, two completely different concepts! Of course, there is UV coating that can’t be broken. This kind of product is sure to be durable outdoors! Therefore, judging the quality of the product is not simply from a certain performance, but from the comprehensive judgment of the performance of the product! At this point, I believe you have a basic judgment!

The biggest function of PVC anti-corrosion tile is anti-corrosion, durable and shelter from wind and rain. It can not crack, deform, remain brittle and leak for a long time in outdoor normal environment, which is also the available warranty period! Smartroof PVC anti-corrosion composite tile products, outdoor use can be more than 10 years! The service life of APVC anti-corrosion tile is more than 15 years, and that of asapvc anti-corrosion tile is more than 25 years.

However, some manufacturers in order to immediate interests and regardless of the interests of consumers, cutting corners in thickness, and some even add recycled materials production. Such products will be deformed and cracked in less than two years, and products made of recycled materials will even crack and leak in less than a few months, thus seriously damaging the vital interests of users!

Let’s go back and answer the questions raised by the customers

(1) Bright surface – belongs to “bright” series, easy to cause “light pollution”, the cost is slightly lower than “matte” series! Because of its bright color, it will fade faster in the early stage and is not recommended.

(2) Clamp with pliers continuously — the apparent phenomenon is good toughness! But does weather resistance meet the requirements? If the weather resistance is poor, the leather is easy to deform and leak, the flexibility of the leather is good enough, but can it be used on the roof? Good toughness at the same time to ensure weather resistance.

(3) This phenomenon is similar to the situation of constant clamp

(4) Heavy handle — the heavier the handle, the more inorganic fillers and the less plastic components, the cheaper the cost! The lower the safety factor for outdoor use! The reason why many cheap tiles are easy to crack after installation is that there are too many calcium powder fillers, too few impact modifiers and PVC powder, or a large number of recycled materials are used for production. In this way, the toughness of the products is not enough, and the “internal stress” produced by the products during thermal expansion and cold contraction is greater than the fracture strength of the products, that is, the products have no “safety factor”, which leads to product cracking, High temperature will appear deformation phenomenon!

Therefore, a product needs to meet all the use conditions through design, process control, formula ratio and other comprehensive factors, so that the comprehensive cost performance of the product is the highest!

At this point, I believe you have a good idea! The above test methods are not enough to show that the quality of PVC anti-corrosion tile is good! So, as a consumer, how to judge? Gaoyi building materials tells you that there is no better way, only through the performance test in the laboratory can we make a comprehensive judgment! Therefore, when consumers choose products, they should understand the history, scale and comprehensive strength of the production enterprises, and more importantly, the culture and positioning of the enterprises!


(1) To judge the quality of synthetic resin tile, the comprehensive performance of all aspects must be tested in the laboratory. It is unscientific and inaccurate to judge from a certain performance.

(2) PVC anti-corrosion tile belongs to “conscience product”. The history, scale, comprehensive strength, corporate culture and positioning determine the product positioning and quality.

(3) With good quality awareness, but without professional technical force and quantitative detection means to monitor product quality, product quality is also impossible to be stable.

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