How to Repair a PVC Roof

Time: 2020-02-18

PVC roofing is used on many flat and low-slope roofs. While the roofing is considered durable, falling objects and high winds can puncture the roof or cause the seams to separate, resulting in leaks. If the roof has extensive damage or seam separation, enlist a professional to evaluate the damages and do the repairs. As a do-it-yourselfer, you can repair minor damages using a PVC roof repair kit and a few everyday tools.

1.Position an extension ladder at the edge of the roof. Extend the ladder so the top rung is about 3 feet above the roof. Note any places where seams of the panels have a gap or where the roof is punctured, and proceed with the repairs.
2.Put on work gloves. Remove dirt and debris from the area of the repair, using a bristle brush. For a seam repair, clean an area that extends 4 inches beyond each end of the gap and several inches at each side. For a puncture, clean 4 inches all around. Do a final cleaning with a rag.
3.Scuff the roofing in the area with an 80-grit sanding block, and remove any residual debris with the rag. Open the container of primer that came with the PVC repair kit. Apply the primer at the cleaned area with a utility paintbrush. Allow the primer to dry to the touch.
4.Cut a piece of seam tape from the kit that’s 8 inches longer than the gap at a seam, using a utility knife. Cut a 4-inch piece for a puncture.
5.Peel off the paper backing on the piece of tape. For a gap, position the piece with each end extending 4 inches beyond the gap and the sides overlapping the panels at each side, and press the tape into place. For a puncture, center the piece over the puncture and press it onto the roof.
6.Roll outward in all directions, starting at the center of the tape and using a rubber seam roller to conform the tape to the roof and remove any small air bubbles from underneath. Roll the edges of the tape several times to ensure adhesion.
7.Clean and scruff the roofing at other areas of repair, then apply the primer and allow it to dry. Apply the seam tape and use the roller to ensure adhesion.

Things You Will Need

Extension ladder
Work gloves
Bristle brush
80-grit sanding block
PVC repair kit
Utility paintbrush
Utility knife
Rubber seam roller


Inspect the roofing for gaps where it laps onto flashing at vents, skylights and pipes. Seal any gaps using the same procedures, primer and seam tape.

Talk to a roofing sales representative regarding minor repairs to PVC roof coatings. Repair kits include the necessary cleaner, primer and sealant.


Always exercise caution when working near overhead power lines. If necessary, enlist a professional to repair damages in proximity to power lines.

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