Maersk levies Far East to Northern Europe and Mediterranean Sea, The cancels the voyage from Asia to Mediterranean Sea!

Time: 2021-07-08

In recent months, shipping delay and port congestion have impacted the global logistics supply chain and faced the risk of interruption. Poor shipping schedule and low on-time rate are aggravating the congestion of Nordic hub ports, and ship delay has forced carriers to temporarily stop calling some key European ports. At present, Rotterdam and Hamburg, the top two container ports in Europe, are facing serious congestion, forcing shipping companies to jump off ports-changing routes and suspending calling.
Rudolf Sad, CEO of CMA CGM, expects the industry to have a nine-month interruption period before returning to normal; The congested supply chain may last at least until the first quarter of next year.

The number of delayed ships is staggering

According to the latest report of Seaintelligence, a shipping consulting company, due to the severe impact of port congestion in some areas, the reliability of shipping schedules around the world is quite poor all year round.

As shown in the figure below, during the peak period from Asia to the west coast of North America, the number of ships delayed by 7-13 days and 14-20 days was higher than that in 2015 when the labor dispute on the west coast of the United States was the most serious.

According to sea intelligence data, from January to may 2021, as many as 695 ships were delayed in arrival time by more than one week, among which 343 ships were delayed in arrival time by more than 14 days, and 132 ships were delayed in arrival time by more than 21 days.
In addition, according to the statistics of sea intelligence, from January to May 2021, 461 ships on the Asia-Nordic route were delayed for more than 7 days, of which 134 were delayed for more than 14 days and 30 were delayed for more than 21 days.

Sea intelligence, a shipping consulting company, pointed out that "port congestion is far from over". In May 2021 alone, 174 ships docked at North American ports on the Trans-Pacific route were delayed for more than 7 days. In the Asia-Europe route, the figure was 114; In the trans-Atlantic, the figure is 169. In the same month, in the Asia-India subcontinent, 99 ships were delayed for more than one week, while in Asia-Oceania, the number was 134.

In addition to Beurotte and 2M jumping, CMA CGM recently announced that severe congestion and low productivity have occurred in northern Europe for several months, which has affected the reliability of the shipping schedule of EUROSAL services from northern Europe to the west coast of South America and the Caribbean. Unfortunately, this situation is not expected to improve with the arrival of summer. Therefore, in order to maintain the service quality, EUROSAL service will suspend its call in le havre for 3 months from July 6, 2021.

Maersk expropriated the Far East to Northern Europe and the Mediterranean

Maersk announced on June 30th that in view of the current market situation, in order to avoid the disturbance or delay of cargo transportation, PSS will be imposed on dry containers from Far East to Northern Europe and Mediterranean Sea from July 15th, 2021, with the cost standard of USD 1,000 /20 feet dry containers and USD 2,000 /40'40H'45H dry containers.

Maersk also listed the rates charged from Shanghai to the Spanish port of algeciras, which will take effect from now until further notice. These fees may change in the future, and the customer will be informed in time.

THE cancelled the voyage from Asia to the Mediterranean

THE Alliance, a shipping alliance composed of Hapag-Lloyd, Ocean Network Express(ONE), Yang Ming and HMM, announced the adjustment of its service network of Asia-Mediterranean routes and cancelled several voyages.
Hapag-Lloyd announced the following changes to the service schedules of alliance MD1 and MD3:

According to the company's statement, customers who have made reservations and wish to choose the above options can choose to modify their reservations.

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