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Time: 2022-08-15

PVC (or polyvinyl chloride, to use its full name) is a robust plastic that makes an excellent roofing material. The strong, stable plastic offers protection against UV, fire and water, and won’t discolor in the sun.


The single-ply roof is often used on commercial buildings with flat or slightly sloping roofs. Its seams are usually welded, which allows for any expansion and contraction, as well as being impressively water-tight. It even survives water pooling on it during heavy rainfall.

It’s also a popular choice because it’s easy to install. The lightweight plastic can be manufactured off-site and then simply attached over the existing structure. PVC is used in industrial buildings because it is chemical and heat resistant, and can survive in many harsh environments.


What about its green credentials?

PVC has Energy Star and Cool Roof ratings, and is made using less oil and petroleum than similar tough plastics. It helps to hold the building at the right temperature, reflects the sun, and can be recycled after its long life.

In our yards, it’s most commonly found in corrugated form, used in garden buildings such as sheds and porches. It can also be used for extension roofs for conservatories and sun rooms. It’s a good domestic choice for the same reasons that it’s a preferred material for commercial buildings.

How Long Do PVC Roof Panels Last?

All being well, a PVC roof should last for 20 to 30 years. There are several reasons for its long life. PVC is an incredibly tough plastic that resists heat and chemicals, and won’t pick up so much as a mold spot in wet conditions.

PVC is an astonishingly strong material. For example, the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) specifies that a roofing membrane must have a weight capacity of 200 lbs per square inch. PVC can hold a weight of 350 lbs.

It’s also easier to repair than some other plastic roof materials. Those welded seams are far more durable than taped or glued seams, so will last longer and need less maintenance.



Strong, long lasting, cheap-to-buy and versatile - PVC is great roofing solution for all your home and backyard roofing projects.    

It protects against all the elements, including UV sun rays, rain, snow and wind – and will literally last a lifetime.

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