Planting and Breeding Greenhouses Can Save Time With Tile, Money and Make High Production

Time: 2021-09-16

Food is the priority of the people. Food is always an important economic issue related to the national economy and the people's livelihood. With the improvement of the world economic level, the demand for food consumption continues to expand, and the planting and breeding industry around the world is developing rapidly. Greenhouse planting and breeding has become a hot industry for farmers to invest and get rich. How can we save time, money High yield is the most concerned problem of every breeding investor.

Planting and Breeding Greenhouse

Planting and breeding greenhouses are facilities used to change the growth environment of animals and plants and promote the growth of animals and plants. Greenhouses must have light transmittance, thermal insulation and weather resistance, so as to meet the growth needs of animals and plants. Therefore, the construction of walls and roofs of greenhouses is very important.

At present, the walls and roofs of many breeding greenhouses are made of PVC daylighting tiles, which have the following advantages:

1.Light Transmittance

Light transmittance is the most basic index to measure the quality of breeding greenhouse. Light transmittance refers to the percentage of light penetrated into the greenhouse and outdoor light. The light transmittance of the breeding greenhouse built with PVC daylighting tiles is generally more than 60% ~ 80%, with excellent light transmittance. The breeding greenhouse has good light transmittance, which can greatly promote the growth of animals and plants.

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2.Thermal Insulation

Heating energy consumption is the main obstacle to the operation of greenhouse in winter. Improving the thermal insulation performance of breeding greenhouse and reducing energy consumption are the most direct means to improve the production efficiency of greenhouse. PVC daylighting tile has very low thermal conductivity and remarkable thermal insulation effect, which can greatly reduce energy consumption, save breeding cost and improve production efficiency.

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3.Weather Resistance

The weather resistance of greenhouse construction must be considered. The weather resistance of greenhouse is directly affected by the weather resistance of greenhouse wall and roof materials and the bearing capacity of the main structure of greenhouse.

In addition to its own strength, the durability of greenhouse wall and ceiling materials is also reflected in the continuous attenuation of the light transmittance of the materials with the extension of service time, and the attenuation degree of the light transmittance is not only the decisive factor affecting the service life of the light transmitting materials, but also an important factor affecting the overall service life of the greenhouse, The daylighting materials of the wall and roof can effectively protect the steel structure of the greenhouse from corrosion and rust.

Planting Greenhouse

The UV coating on the surface of PVC daylighting tile has a good anti ultraviolet and anti-static effect, which is to protect the PVC daylighting tile from yellowing and aging and prevent the reduction of its light transmission performance.

In the material selection of the wall and roof of the greenhouse, PVC daylighting tile is a material with very high application rate in recent years. It not only has the characteristics of good light transmittance and strong thermal insulation, but also has the advantages of light weight, large single area, convenient construction and installation and fast forming speed. It can reduce the consumption of greenhouse bone frame materials and save labor and materials.

Practice has proved that the planting and breeding greenhouse built with PVC daylighting tiles can effectively save the planting and breeding cost, significantly improve the yield and quality of animals and plants, and shorten the listing time. At present, it is widely used in the planting and breeding greenhouse and has become the mainstream product of modern planting and breeding greenhouse materials.

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