PVC Anti-corrosion Tile to Solve the Concern of Serious Corrosion in Farms

Time: 2021-09-09

Because of its special environment, the farm is corrosive. In the past, the farm was built with color steel plate, but the service life of color steel plate is not long, which is easy to corrode, rust and leak rain. In case of severe weather such as storm, it is easy to cause livestock to get sick in the rain, and the consequences are unimaginable.

Now, it is recommended that a kind of PVC anticorrosive tile which is both anticorrosive and durable and has the functions of anticorrosion, heat preservation and heat insulation is used as the roof tile of breeding farm, which can have the effects of heat preservation, heat insulation, anticorrosion and silencing. It can play a better thermal insulation effect when used with thermal insulation cotton.

In addition, the insulation of PVC anti-corrosion tile is non-conductive, the fire protection level reaches the national B1 level, and the windproof and seismic performance is also outstanding. In our life, we often see the news that the color steel tile roof can be overturned by a slight strong wind. PVC anti-corrosion tile has good seismic performance and light weight. It is fixed with professional fasteners, which is safe and firm and is not easy to cause secondary injury. It creates a safe and comfortable environment for the farm and contributes to the healthy growth of livestock.

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