PVC HOLLOW ROOF TILE has good impact resistance and excellent self-cleaning ability

Time: 2022-12-13

PVC Hollow Roof Tile is flexible and can be made in different sizes, colors and styles according to the specific construction environment.


SMARTROOF PVC HOLLOW ROOF TILE has strong resistance to external impact. According to the test, when a 1kg steel ball falling freely from a height of 3 meters, the PVC HOLLOW ROOF TILE will not crack.

Test of resistance to external impact: Beneficios Lámina para Techos Termo acústica 4 – YouTube


SMARTROOF PVC HOLLOW ROOF TILE has excellent self-cleaning properties, and the surface of the tile board is tight and smooth, with the “lotus leaf effect”. It itself does not absorb dust easily and will be as clean as new once it is washed by rain. After the surface dirt washed by rain, will not produce mottled, will not grow moss. In addition, it is not easy to hang snow, reducing the risk of collapse due to heavy snow load, which is a big feature of the new roof.

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