PVC Lighting Roof Sheet Introduction

Time: 2021-06-22

PVC lighting roof sheet have various excellent properties. With the development of science and technology, building materials are constantly updated. Among them, PVC lighting plays an important role in fruit and vegetable greenhouses, livestock breeding, industrial plants, carports and garages. PVC lighting roof sheet must meet the following 8 standards:

1. The lighting board has a smooth appearance without obvious bubbles or cracks;

2. Tightly cooperate with the color steel plate, uniform cross-section thickness, and the plate shape is consistent with the steel plate;

3. Good fire and heat insulation performance, anti-aging;

4. The lighting board has good toughness, and there is no cracking when the roof is installed and nailed;

5. Complete specifications, choose different light transmittance, common type and flame retardant daylighting panels according to different design requirements;

6. The thermal expansion coefficient of the daylighting board is close to that of the steel plate, and it will not leak water due to thermal expansion and contraction at the nailing place;

7. The light is diffused through, the light is soft, and there is no discoloration or yellowing after long-term use;

8. Excellent corrosion resistance, even in an acid-base environment, there is no problem at all.

PVC lighting roof sheet with the above 8 standards can be regarded as high-quality products, which can ensure excellent performance effects during use and eliminate the trouble of maintenance and replacement.

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