PVC Prices Soared! Is the Synthetic Resin Tile Industry Affected?

Time: 2021-09-14

In recent years, the price of PVC has been rising. Since August this year, due to the influence of force majeure, the plastic chemical market has been bombed by the price increase letters of major manufacturers around the world. Wanhua chemical, BASF, Dow, DuPont and Langsheng have raised prices many times, driving the continuous rise of downstream product prices, and the prices of PVC and other commonly used plastic products have reached new highs.

In September, almost all plastic brands are rising, one price a day! Recently, PVC soared 5.7% to 10300! The continuous rise in the price of raw materials of resin tile is bound to drive the rise in the price of resin tile, and the probability of the whole spot market will continue to rise in the near future! The futures price has directly driven the spot market. In recent two days, the manufacturers of Dashu resin tile have urgently raised the ex factory quotation of their products.

For the recent increase in the price of resin tiles by resin tile manufacturers, some people are asking: should we buy Resin tiles now? The price rise of resin tile is mainly driven by the cost. First, the price of raw materials is rising. Secondly, the cost of logistics is also rising. The market demand is strong and the order of resin tile is optimistic. Therefore, if you need to buy Resin tiles, it is recommended that you do not wait and see too much and buy them as soon as possible.

The price rise of synthetic resin tile has been determined. Even so, it can't resist its rise. The disadvantages of traditional tile materials continue to appear: poor waterproof, heat insulation and sound insulation effects, easy to break, easy to aging, serious corrosion and rust, etc. Synthetic resin tile has the characteristics of light weight, waterproof and impermeable, noise resistance, insulation and convenient installation. It has become a popular trend in the roof tile market.

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