PVC translucent tile creates an Aesthetic Art Photography Museum

Time: 2021-09-14

Lianzhou Photography Museum (LPM) was selected to be built on Zhongshan South Road, which is affectionately called "old street" by local people. It is full of local traditions and memories. The original site is an ancient candy warehouse, which has been the main venue of the past 12 photography festivals.

The design concept of the Photography Museum is to build the system and commemorative tradition of the museum into a three-dimensional exhibition tour coexisting with the form of the old city, especially in the selection of details such as roof, wall, ground and stair railing.
In order to maintain the original local architectural style, the Photography Museum gives priority to local materials in the selection of building materials. The only non local industrial product is PVC translucent tiles used for building roofs, inner surfaces of walls and windows.

As a new environmental protection building material that can not only improve the lighting of buildings, but also enhance the beauty of buildings, PVC translucent tile has been favored by people from all walks of life. It is widely used in indoor entertainment and sports places, agricultural facilities, industrial buildings, airports, stations and other large public places.



Simple PVC translucent tiles are used for thick and simple facade roofs and walls. It brings a trace of warmth outside the neutral architectural background, and provides soft light and warm scenes for the whole indoor exhibition space under LED lighting.

PVC translucent tile not only realizes the purpose of daylighting, but also has the effect of enhancing light. After the light shines on the daylighting tile, the light will be enhanced to four to seven times of the original. Glittering lights and transparent tiles reflect each other, as if in a vast sea of stars.

PVC translucent tile, while increasing the sense of light, brews a dreamy decorative effect for the overall space, which is integrated with the aesthetic artistic atmosphere of the museum. I believe it will attract many photography lovers from all walks of life and occupy the memory of various photography equipment.

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