Resin tile, make every home a summer resort

Time: 2021-09-07

In hot summer, people try their best to cool off the summer heat. People often take cold drinks and food such as fruit juice and water ice as essential items for cooling in summer, and dig a mouthful of sweet chilled watermelon with a spoon in an air-conditioned room. This is undoubtedly a good experience! However, eating frozen food for a long time and staying in an air-conditioned room are unhealthy.

In summer, we should not only focus on the cooling of the human body, but also do a good job in cooling the home. The hot weather is a great test for the home, especially the roof of the house. The heat of basking for a whole day will not fade away as the sun goes down, but will last until the early morning of the next day, but it will usher in the sweltering heat of a new day. Summer heat is a vicious circle!

Synthetic resin tiles make every home a summer resort! The thermal conductivity of resin tile is very low, which is 0.325W/m.k, which is about 1/310 of clay tile, 1/5 of cement tile and 1/2000 of 0.5mm thick color steel tile. Without thermal insulation layer, it can achieve good thermal insulation effect. In some high temperature areas with long sunshine time, a layer of heat insulation layer can be laid before installing resin tile to enhance the heat insulation effect of resin tile.

Some people may worry that the sun is so hot that resin tile will fade easily after being exposed to the sun. Will it deform? Will it volatilize toxic gases?

1. Is it easy to fade?

The synthetic resin tile surface material is made of imported super-high weatherability engineering resin ASA, which has super weatherability in the natural environment, and can keep the stability of color and mechanical properties of resin tile after being exposed to severe environmental conditions such as ultraviolet rays, moisture, heat and cold for a long time.

2. Will it deform?

The volume of the synthetic resin tile is stable: the expansion coefficient is 4.9x10-5mm/mm/℃, the temperature changes greatly, and the expansion and contraction of the tile can be digested by itself, thus the size is stable and no deformation occurs;

3. Will toxic gases volatilize?

Synthetic resin tile is a green building material, the main raw material is PVC resin, and it is widely used, from industry to civil use, from food to medicine, resin can be seen everywhere. According to the analysis of raw materials in resin tile, the formed resin tile products are non-toxic and harmless, and will not emit toxic substances.

4. More functional advantages.

In addition, the synthetic resin tile has many advantages such as wind resistance, shock resistance, hail resistance, water resistance, moisture resistance, fire insulation and so on. Covering resin tile in summer can effectively reduce the use of air conditioners and energy consumption, which is in line with the current development trend of environmental protection, and is beautiful, environmentally friendly, comfortable and durable.

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