Resin tile, not loose, not leaking, but also resistant to typhoons

Time: 2021-08-16

Typhoon strikes

Typhoon No.7 "Chapaka" made landfall in Yangjiang East, Guangdong Province at 5: 00 am on July 20th. At that time, there will be strong convective weather such as heavy rain, thunderstorms and strong winds in southern Hebei, southern Shanxi, north-central Henan, southern Yunnan and southern Guangdong.

Typhoon has affected not only coastal cities, but also other areas, where violent storms have occurred one after another, with trees being blown down, color steel tiles on roofs being blown off, clay tile roofs being fragmented under the ravages of typhoon, roof leakage and other problems appearing one after another, bringing serious economic losses to people everywhere, even endangering life safety.

Traditional Roof Performance

Although people seldom mention roofing tiles when praising houses, the role of roofing tiles should not be underestimated. Roof is the coat of house, roof tile plays an important role in sheltering from wind and rain, protecting family and property, and the choice of roof tile is very important! Every time after a typhoon, many places are in a mess, and people also understand that choosing different roof tiles plays such a big difference at a critical moment!

Resin Roof Perfomance

In recent years, with the development of technology, there are many kinds of roof tiles. After years and many natural disasters, when choosing roofing tiles, people began to put the problem of "how to build a stronger house" in the first place. As a result, synthetic resin tiles which can resist wind and earthquake gradually entered people's field of vision.


Convenient Construction

Traditional cement tiles and glazed tiles are heavy and troublesome to pave, and they will fall off and hurt people. However, resin tile is quite different. It is not only light in weight, very labor-saving in handling, but also very simple in installation, large in sheet area, few in roof joint and tight in lap joint, so it has excellent waterproof performance.

Stronger and Longer Life

The biggest advantage of synthetic resin tile is its good performance, which not only can resist acid and alkali corrosion in nature, but also has excellent waterproof and load resistance, excellent waterproof, fireproof and windproof performance, and it can withstand typhoon, heavy snow and hail. Its superior performance advantages make its service life longer.

Favorable Price

Although resin tile has many advantages, its price is not high. Compared with other tiles, its cost is very low, and because the construction and transportation are relatively simple, the labor cost can be saved, the overall cost performance can be said to be very high, and maintenance is not needed in the later period.

Beautiful and Environmentally friendly

No matter what kind of construction style you choose, resin tile can be perfectly matched, and the color is durable, not easy to fade, and the rain is as good as new. Even after many years of use, the appearance is still beautiful, and the resin tile can be recycled after use, which is really beautiful and environmentally friendly.

The first element of building a house is firmness and safety. The synthetic resin tile is fixed by 4-6 self-tapping screws per square meter, which is safe and firm without falling off, and has rich supporting facilities. Reasonable selection of accessories can not only enhance the waterproof and windproof effect, but also add extra points to the appearance of the house!

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