Summarize the main reasons for the high price of synthetic resin tiles

Time: 2021-08-27

According to the reflection of our business, some customers said that the price of our resin tile is more expensive than that of some manufacturers. Here, Xiaobian wants to tell you that no business will deliberately raise the price and shut out customers. The reason why the price in resin tile is high is as follows:

Keep Improving Raw Materials And Increase Production Costs

High-quality resin tile uses high-quality PVC brand-new material, imports super weather-resistant ASA engineering resin as fabric, refuses to use any recycled material, and the produced resin tile has stronger performance in all aspects, more beautiful and lasting color, longer service life and more than 30 years. The inferior resin tile is mostly made of recycled waste plastics, which are processed and extruded again. Although the price of such resin tile is low, its service life is greatly reduced. Some of them fade seriously after being used for several months, and crack and leak in a year or two.

High-quality raw materials are an important prerequisite to ensure the quality of resin tile. New materials are expensive, and unscrupulous merchants use cheap raw materials such as stone powder, calcium powder and recycled materials to replace PVC resin for huge profits. The prices of raw materials are very different, and the performance of products is also very different.

Advanced Production Equipment Is the Guarantee of High-quality Products

The production equipment of authentic resin tile manufacturers adopts automatic mixing and conveying system, which improves the production environment and further ensures the standardization of production and the stability of product quality.

Strict Control And Inspection of Finished Products Has Also Increased Product Costs

Regular resin tile products must be produced according to industry standards, and each batch of produced resin tile must undergo strict inspection and technical control, and only after the product quality is confirmed to be correct can it be packaged and delivered, and any batch of unqualified products will not be circulated to the market.

Continuous Innovation And Development of Resin Tile Products

Innovation is the core strength of enterprise development, and the development of resin tile industry also needs constant technological innovation and research and development. From the proposal to market research, mold confirmation, proofing trial production, etc., these are a lot of investment. Without such investment, there will be no better products to serve our customers.

High-quality Service Quality Also Requires Cost

High-quality resin tile manufacturers, from technology research and development to production to sales to after-sales, check every link. Besides providing customers with high-quality resin tile products, providing consumers with satisfactory pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services is also the basic requirement of high-quality resin tile manufacturers.

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