Synthetic Resin Tile for Roof Building Materials

Time: 2021-09-22

1. The color steel tile has good flame retardancy, but the thick smoke cannot go out when the house is on fire, which is easy to cause suffocation and death. It has poor corrosion resistance and is not resistant to acid and alkali. It has high maintenance cost, poor heat insulation effect and loud noise when it rains.

2. The cement tile has good flame retardancy, good thermal insulation, corrosion resistance, poor aging resistance, poor impact resistance, easy to crack, heavy weight, time-consuming and laborious transportation and installation, and the addition of asbestos in production is easy to cause cancer.

3. Although the color of ceramic glazed tile is good-looking and has a strong three-dimensional sense, like cement tile, it has heavy weight, troublesome installation and transportation, slow pavement, easy to fall off and moss, and has a serious impact on the environment in the production process.

Synthetic resin tile is different. Synthetic resin tile has a long service life of up to 25 years. Although the price is slightly more expensive, the cost performance is higher than other roofing materials in the long run! Green environmental protection, rich colors, gorgeous colors, strong three-dimensional sense, good anti-corrosion and heat insulation performance, anti explosion, fire insulation, noise prevention, light weight, simple and fast transportation and installation... These performance advantages are incomparable with other roof building materials!

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