Synthetic Resin Tile to Build A Beautiful Campus for Students

Time: 2021-09-13

The selection of school building materials is a big problem related to the safety of students. Therefore, when building schools, the selection of materials must be very cautious. Traditional tile materials, such as clay tile and glazed tile, are fragile, easy to crack and fall off; The colored steel tiles are easy to rust and corrosion, and the sound and heat insulation performance is also very poor, so they are eliminated by the school one by one.

However, we should not rashly use immature and so-called environmental protection products that have lost their practicability. After many comparisons, the new building materials with dignified and decent appearance, safety, environmental protection and comfort have become the first choice for campus construction. For example, roof building materials undertake the important mission of shielding students and teachers from wind and rain! The synthetic resin tile strongly advocated and popularized by the state is the first choice for campus construction!

The synthetic resin tile has good heat insulation and waterproof performance, does not absorb water and does not penetrate water. It does not need to lay a waterproof layer, and its waterproof grade can also meet the roof waterproof requirements of grade III. If it is used in combination with waterproof coiled materials, it can meet the requirements of grade II roof waterproof grade. The roof construction requirements of the school are relatively high. During installation, waterproof layer can be paved under the resin tile to achieve higher waterproof and thermal insulation effect and create a comfortable learning environment for students.

The appearance of synthetic resin tile is retro, simple and elegant, giving people a solemn and calm feeling, which is in line with the campus style. Tile materials can be cut according to the shape and size of the roof, which is also a major feature of resin tile, which can fit perfectly with the roof. Light weight, large single area, can effectively save construction cost and construction time, less roof connection, and can effectively prevent water and leakage.

Synthetic resin tile is a flame retardant product with Class B1 fire protection level. It is an insulating product and is non-conductive. The tile plate is fixed with self tapping screws, which is safe and firm and will not fall off, so as to avoid hidden dangers such as falling tiles hurting people or articles. Synthetic resin tiles are selected for campus construction, with a higher safety factor.

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