Synthetic resin tile to create a new life with Tibetan characteristics

Time: 2021-08-26

About Tibet

Tibet is a mysterious place with bright sunshine, white clouds, pure sky, thin air, continuous snow-capped mountains and quiet lakes. White clouds float on the blue sky, and horses run under the white clouds .......

Traditional dwellings in Tibet, like other cultural forms in Tibet, also have their own unique personality. Tibetan dwellings are rich and colorful, and the blockhouses in the valley of southern Tibet, the tents in the pastoral areas of northern Tibet and the wooden buildings in the forest areas of the Yarlung Zangbo River Basin have their own characteristics. Even caves can be found on the Ali Plateau.

The blockhouse has the characteristics of solid stability, tight structure and neat corner, which is not only conducive to wind and cold, but also convenient to guard against the enemy and theft. The account room has the characteristics of simple structure, easy support, flexible disassembly and assembly, easy relocation and so on.

The Climate in Tibet Mainly Has the Following Characteristics

Thin air, low air pressure and low oxygen content;

Strong solar radiation and long sunshine time;

The temperature is low and the daily temperature difference is large;

The whole year is divided into obvious dry season and rainy season.

Thin air, low air pressure and low oxygen content;

While paying attention to the protection against cold, wind and earthquake, Tibetan dwellings also use the methods of opening dampers, setting patios and skylights, etc., which better solve the influence of unfavorable factors of natural environment such as climate and geography on production and life, and achieve the effects of ventilation and heating.

Application of Resin Tile

Tibetans are a people who love beauty and are good at expressing beauty, so they are very particular about the decoration of their residence. With the development of society and the progress of science and technology, Tibetan dwellings not only keep the traditional architectural style and characteristics, but also incorporate new environmental protection roofing building materials such as synthetic resin tiles.

Synthetic resin tiles are rich in color, which accords with the colorful architectural style of hiding. The surface of synthetic resin tile is made of imported super-high weatherability engineering resin ASA, which has super weatherability, and can keep high impact strength, luster, color and mechanical properties even if the synthetic resin tile is exposed to ultraviolet rays, moisture, heat and cold for a long time.

In view of the harsh and changeable climate characteristics in Tibet, our company specially customized and produced a batch of high-quality synthetic resin tiles for Tibetan people, which strengthened their functions of sun protection, waterproof, wind and snow resistance, heat preservation and heat insulation, etc. From raw materials to production to shipment, multiple strict checks are made to fully ensure the quality of each tile and create comfortable and safe residences for Tibetan people.

With the cooperation of various departments of Smatroof, the project was completed on schedule, and the Tibetan compatriots looked at the long-awaited new house with a bright smile on their faces. Under the blue sky and white clouds, snow-capped mountains are towering, lakes are rippling, Tibetan dwellings with bright colors are dotted with the dreamy scenery, and a picture full of happiness spreads out.

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