The New Future of Metal Roofing

Time: 2020-06-08


The population of today is becoming increasingly pragmatic, organic and green. In order to satisfy its customers, the building culture is also changing. Homeowners, contractors and architects are quite often turning away from the traditionally used building products.

Arguably, the roof is one of the most visible and important part of a building. It is incumbent upon one to research and find the most attractive, economical, and durable roofing product available. It has been our experience that architects spend a great deal of time researching new and innovative roof systems. Metal Shingles, Shakes and Tiles are becoming a staple for roofing products.

Different Profiles and Metals
Although these types of shingles have been around in some cases for hundreds of years, with the new mindset they are becoming much more popular. With the latest technology, different profiles and metals have been utilized. Shingles are now available with a slate pattern, wood grain, shake style, embossed, and smooth tiles for use in wall applications.

Steel and aluminum have been the most utilized metals, with zinc and copper quickly gaining popularity. The shingles have interlocking systems which allows for one of the highest wind uplift rating available. With all of the wildfires in California and elsewhere, many areas are now prohibiting combustible roof products. Metal shingles offer both an attractive and fire rated solution.

Today’s focus in on lifespan, recyclability, energy efficiency; ease of installation, and of course aesthetics. Aluminum, Zinc and copper are considered lifetime products. They are impervious to rust, rot, warping, and growth of moss. Steel and aluminum come coated in a myriad of colors with Kynar500/Hylar5000 coatings. Non-prorated, transferable warranties are the general practice for these roofs.

Of all the roofing materials available, metal is one of the most energy efficient. Homeowners can expect up to 30% savings in energy costs. Metal will reflect heat keeping the attic spaces cooler in the summer months and warmer in the winter. Metal Roofs are eligible for tax credits and rebates

Due to the smaller size of metal shingles, it is easily adaptable to whatever style of roof an architect or homeowner desires; concave, convex, octagonal, and even geodesic domes. No matter the degree of difficulty a roof might offer, the unique 4 way interlocking system adapts beautifully. All rake, eave, headwall and valley metals are fabricated with locks built into the metal to accommodate the shingles, whether they are slate, tile or shake. The shingles transfer easily to walls as well. Only a few standard hand tools are needed.

Aluminum, Copper, Steel and zinc are all 100% recyclable. In the unlikely event a metal roof has to be replaced, it can all be totally recycled. Copper and aluminum are made from close to 95% recycled materials. This a great selling point for the green generation. Most homeowners can expect to replace an asphalt roof 3-4 times in their lifetime. That is a lot of asphalt shingles being dumped in landfills. Metal Roofs help eliminate much of the 11 million tons of asphalt shingles deposed annually.

When all is said and done, metal shingles, tiles, and shakes are here to stay and their future is bright.

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