Types of plastic roofing sheet

Time: 2023-11-04

For some constructions it is necessary to have a system that allows to maintain a certain climate inside due to the issues in which you must work or in which you want to stay when for example you are at home and thus achieve that the moments are more enjoyable or in the workspaces in which you need to have a certain temperature to maintain a product in perfect conditions.

In order to achieve this goal that usually require certain buildings there are in the construction market ideal materials whose purpose is to function to ensure that the buildings have a good climate, as well as a system that blocks noise and other factors that impair the stay in a place. That is why in this blog we will tell you the types of PVC roof sheets that can be used to cover the aforementioned needs in a construction, helping the results to be satisfactory and durable.

Mainly before knowing the different types of sheets, we will start by defining what is the thermoacoustic effect. It is a characteristic that determines the degree of thermicity, which is on average 1,500% more resistant than metallic materials. It also consists of the noise reduction provided by the sheets up to 30%.

Within this type of roof sheets that have this aspect are the PVC sheets as a great option. This range of roof sheets is available in different area, which you will learn about below:

One layer: It is a sheet that stands out for being the most economical, versatile and durable, also characterized by its thin thickness, high strength and protection offered against corrosion that often occurs in the sheets that are exposed to weathering and chemical agents.

It is a roof tile made with self-extinguishing properties, which guarantees the safety of a building against possible fires, thanks to the fact that the chemical agents with which it is manufactured react as fire retardants. As for its thermo-acoustic qualities, it is 15 times more thermal than steel sheets and reduces exterior noise by up to 38%. It also has an antimicrobial finish, which prevents unpleasant odors and prolongs the useful life of these laminates.

Three layers: This corrugated sheet is made up of two layers of PVC and a central layer of insulating compound with micro air bubbles, which improve the performance and durability of the projects. In addition to the fact that this foam compound is responsible for providing a noise reduction of up to 30%, as well as its high heat resistance, unlike galvanized sheets.

It is important to mention that this PVC Corrugated Warehouse Roofing Sheet stands out for its use in the agricultural sector, since it is ideal for the roofing of pig farms. Due to its composition, the reproductive efficiency of livestock is increased.

Resin Asa Roofing Sheet: This roof sheet is mainly distinguished from the two previous ones due to its appearance similar to that of a traditional clay tile, which allows it to improve architectural designs by offering aesthetics in roofs. However, this roof tile is composed of fire retardant agents that make it safer against possible fires.

Likewise, the Resin Asa Roofing Sheet is resistant to chemical agents, has an antibacterial finish, is lead-free and generates savings in maintenance. It is thermo-acoustic because it reduces noise by up to 38% and is 15 times more thermal.



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