Typhoon Attack, Synthetic Resin Tile Escort

Time: 2021-09-23

In September 2021, typhoon swept through Southeast Asia, Indonesia, the Philippines and other countries, and severe convective weather such as short-term heavy rainfall, thunderstorm and gale occurred. Among them, the strong storm hit many factories, the roof of the plant was lifted instantly, the steel frame collapsed, and many vehicles on the roadside suffered together. Some weather lovers commented that dozens of tons of steel became "Ploughing machines" when the typhoon struck.

"Ideas determine the way out, ideas determine the direction".

The warehouse of a large ceramic enterprise chose Smartroof PVC anti-corrosion tiles because of its correct judgment and correct concept. In this rapidly changing wind disaster, the tiles remained the same without any damage, but the steel frame supporting the tiles had collapsed and was in a mess.

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