Wooden house with resin roof tile is gorgeous

Time: 2022-12-06
Living in a wooden house is a new trend in village travel today, and the wooden house with resin roof tile is one of the main construction structures. The wooden house not only is shockproof, but also can maintain indoor dry humidity balance which is good for health. The wooden house and resin roof tile complement each other and make the house more unique.

Improve quake-proof effect

According to the data of earthquakes around the world, most of the surviving houses are wood-frame houses. The wood-built house is usually with wood groove so that its structure is stable, excellent toughness, and the quake-proof effect is high. And the synthetic resin tile is light, windproof and earthquake resistant, when it is combining with the wooden house, it can play the maximum effect.

Provide temperature and humidity more comfortable

Wood is a porous material with a low thermal conductivity, and it is a bad conductor of heat, so it has regulation effect to the temperature of the room. In the cold winter, the wooden house can give people a warm feeling that other building materials cannot do. And the resin tile maintains the indoor environment by exerting its characteristic of thermal insulation.

Choose synthetic resin tile as the roof material not only considering its waterproof function can better maintain the house free from rain corrosion, but also because the resin tile is decorative, with rich color, which can make the wooden house become a beautiful scenery.

Therefore, more and more home stay, scenic spots, civilian houses, and villas choose the synthetic resin tiles.

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